Bellhousing for Ford Falcon 6 to Nissan Patrol GQ-GU 4.2 Petrol/ Diesel RE4 Automatic

$795.00 incl. GST


This brand new Bell Housing can fit a Ford Falcon Barra 4L into a Nissan Patrol GQ GU / Ford Maverick 1988 and onwards with the Nissan Automatic transmission (RE4).  Our Bellhousing is machined for a Ring Gear size of 340mm O.D.

Other Parts available for this conversion:

  • Engine Mount Brackets & Rubbers

Conversion Notes:

  1. The sourced Barra engine can be Auto or Manual from Falcon models AU – BA – BF – FG.  For FG Manual engines, a Barra automatic flexplate, backplate & starter motor will be required.
  2. Requires the use of a Maverick or ute sump to clear your front differential (rear pick up type).
  3. A torque convertor will need to made, source the bellhousing first before getting the torque convertor made.

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