Bellhousing for Ford FG Turbo to Nissan Patrol GQ-GU 4.2 Petrol/ Diesel Manual 5 Speed

$795.00 incl. GST


This brand new Bell Housing can fit a Ford Falcon Barra 4L in the FG Turbo manual configuration into a Nissan Patrol GQ GU / Ford Maverick 1988 and onwards (4.2L petrol or diesel 5 speed transmission).  Our Bellhousing is machined for a Ring Gear size of 355mm O.D.

Hydraulic only, other parts available:

  • Spigot Bush
  • Clutch bearing & Extension
  • Clutch Kit – 400kW
  • Turbo Flywheel 10.5″
  • Pressure Plate Bolt Kit
  • Engine Mount Brackets & Rubbers

Conversion Notes:

  1. Requires the use of a Maverick or ute sump to clear your front differential (rear pick up type)
  2. The Patrol gearbox spigot can range between 7”and 7 ½”, it may require shortening for clearance within the crank
  3. We machine the Bellhousing to suit the larger flywheel and manual FG starter motor / backplate
  4. This conversion is only suitable for vehicles with a large gearbox (which customers have post fitted). Around 1998 / 1999 the 3.0L Patrol transitioned from the small gearbox to the large one. The small gearbox has the slave cylinder on the driver side, the large gearbox has the slave cylinder on the passenger side.

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