Bellhousing for Ford “F” Truck Series V8 to Toyota R154 Manual 5 Speed

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We are now manufacturing a new fully CNC machined one piece bellhousing to suit the strong Toyota R154 transmission for the “F” Truck Series with a V8 engine.

Our bellhousing can be used in association with an external slave cylinder or concentric bearing, let us know your preference when ordering.  The conversion uses your V8 factory starter motor, clutch fork & flywheel.

Conversion parts available:

  • Spigot Bush
  • Thrust Race & Carrier
  • Push Rod
  • Clutch Fork & Clip
  • H/Duty Clutch & Pressure Plate Kit
  • Flywheel & Ring Gear
  • Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolts
  • Transmission Rubber Mount
  • Speedo Cable
  • Tail Shaft Yoke
  • Universal Joint
  • Weld Yoke


  1. The Ford V8 engines all came out with either a 10” or 11” flywheel. The simplest way to tell is to count the teeth on the ring gear. 10” = 157 or 160 teeth / 11” = 164 or 167 teeth
  2. You retain your “F” series rear gearbox cross member and re-drill to take the Toyota rubber mount
  3. Our bellhousing is made for the Toyota R154 transmission with a 190mm front shaft length, please check prior to ordering


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