Bellhousing for Toyota Hilux Diesel to R150F R151F Manual 5 Speed

$850.00 incl. GST

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We now produce the long awaited Diesel Toyota Bellhousing for all owners of Hilux vehicles made between 1989 to 1997 (2 or 4 wheel drive) that were made with the 3L, 4L or 5L engine fitted with the smaller G52 or G56 transmission.  This new housing allows you to fit the much larger R150F or R151F two or four wheel drive transmission with a 160mm long front shaft.

The conversion uses your complete factory setup:

  • Slave cylinder mounts on the side of the bellhousing
  • Factory flywheel & starter motor
  • Factory thrust race with clutch & clutch fork.  Our bellhousing is supplied with a factory type pivot ball.


  1. The bellhousing is made to suit the Toyota R150F & R151F transmssion which has a front shaft length of 160mm only (not 190mm).


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