Bellhousing for Rover V8 3.5L-4.6L to Supra 5 Speed Manual

$750.00 incl. GST

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This aluminium bellhousing is perfect when replacing the original Rover 4 or 5 speed with the Toyota Supra 5 speed overdrive.

NOTE: The bell housing has the clutch fork entry window located at 5-o’clock to clear the chassis, which can be an issue in MGBs and Triumph TRs.

Other parts available:

Option 1 – Hydraulic Option 2 –  Internal Hydraulic
Bellhousing & Pivot Ball Bellhousing
Spigot Bush Spigot Bush
Thrust Race & Carrier
Push Rod Clutch Kit – 200bhp
Clutch Fork & Clip Clutch Kit– 400bhp
Clutch Kit – 200bhp Transmission Rubber Mount
Clutch Kit – 400bhp Speed Cable
Transmission Rubber Mount Tail Shaft Yoke
Speedo Cable Universal Joint
Tail Shaft Yoke Weld Yoke
Universal Joint Cross Member (MGB only)*
Weld Yoke
Slave Cylinder
Cross Member (MGB only)*

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