Bellhousing & Bush for Landcruiser 1HZ (Manual) to Nissan Patrol GQ GU/ Ford Maverick 1988

  • Plus Spigot Bush

$895.00 incl. GST

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This brand new bellhousing is perfect when installing a Toyota LandCruiser 1HZ Diesel to a Nissan Patrol GQ GU or Ford Maverick 1988 and onwards with a 4.2L petrol or diesel transmission. The Toyota 1HZ is an engine developed by Toyota Motor Corporation for the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota Coaster Bus of 1990. It replaced the previous (2H) heavy duty engine which was being used in older Toyota LandCruiser models. This engine generates more power and torque than previous diesel Toyota LandCruiser engine. Although the advanced 1HD-FTE engine is being installed in current Toyota LandCruiser production, the 1HZ is still being used under some custom configurations of Toyota LandCruiser for some markets. A popular engine in the 80 series LandCruiser and replacing the 70/75 series 2H in the early 90s.

As part of this conversion we supply a custom spigot bush.


  • Requires the factory 1H Flywheel, Pressure Plate & Starter Motor
  • Requires the factory Nissan Patrol Clutch Disc
  • This conversion is only recommended for vehicles with a large gearbox (which customers have post fitted). Around 1998 / 1999 the 3.0L Patrol transitioned from the small gearbox to the large one. The small gearbox has the slave cylinder on the Australian driver side, the large gearbox has the slave cylinder on the Australian passenger side.



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