Bellhousing for Chev V8 307 – 350 to Muncie / TKO600 / Top Loader / Single Rail / Supra / Steelcase

$750.00 incl. GST


Our Dellow Conversions alloy Bellhousing couples the Chev V8 to the required gearbox in your Holden HK HQ HJ HX HZ HT HG & WB.

This full 360° alloy bellhousing is made to accept both 10.5 & 11 inch flywheel / clutch setup. Housings are made to fit the hydraulic slave cylinder on the passenger side because on these Holdens the Chev starter motor exhaust & steering column take up so much room on the driver’s side.

When ordering, please specify the gearbox for machining of the bellhousing:

  1. Muncie
  3. Saginaw
  4. Ford Falcon 6 T5
  5. Top Loader (Pictured)
  6. Single Rail
  7. Toyota Supra W55 W56 W57 W58
  8. Toyota Steel Case W50

Other parts available:

Spigot Bush, Thrust Race & Carrier, Clutch Fork & Clip, Clutch Kit – 400bhp, Flywheel & ring gear 10.5”, Flywheel & Ring Gear 11”, Heavy duty Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolts, Transmission Rubber Mount, Speedo Cable, Tail Shaft Yoke, Universal Joint, Engine Mount Brackets, Complete Hydraulic Clutch Kit



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