• Bellhousing (BA Flywheel Size)
  • Spigot Bush
  • Thrust Race Extension
  • 250mm Clutch Disc & Pressure Plate Kit (300kW)
  • Engine Mount Brackets & Rubbers
  • Flywheel (R.G – 340mm O.D)
  • Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolt Kit
  • Transmission Modification Sheet
  • Clutch Adjustment Sheet

$2,495.00 incl. GST

Available on backorder

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New Dellow conversion kit for the Nissan Patrol GQ GU using the Falcon 6 (BA Flywheel configuration) to replace the 4.2L factory petrol or diesel engine, which is expensive to rebuild. The Falcon 6 otherwise named the Barra after the Barramundi fish is powerful, economical and also offers easy maintenance and peace of mind, knowing replacement parts can be found anywhere, a comforting thought when travelling around Australia.

Conversion Notes:

  1. Warning: The input shaft on the Nissan transmission may need to be shortened down to prevent the shaft from bottoming into the crank. Measure depth using the Dellow Bellhousing on the engine to get the correct cut amount
  2. This kit requires the use of an FG sump to clear your front differential (rear pick up type)
  3. The bearing extension in this kit is used in 50% installations, please check the clutch set up before installing
  4.  The kit will suit engine blocks AU BA BF FG
  5.  Bellhousing is machined to suit a Barra BA flywheel (O.D 340mm)
  6. This conversion is only suitable for vehicles with the large gearbox typically in 4.2L Patrols (which customers have post fitted). Around 1998 / 1999 the 3.0L Patrol transitioned from the small gearbox to the large one. The small gearbox has the slave cylinder on the driver side, the large gearbox has the slave cylinder on the passenger side.

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