Dust Inspection Cover Chev V8 to Trimatic Aussie Depress Tremec Toyota Muncie

$95.00 incl. GST

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You are looking at a brand new ‘Noryl’ plastic Chev V8 Dust Inspection Cover made by Dellow Conversions in black .

This cover will suit all original Chev bellhousings when using a Trimatic auto, Aussie 3-speed or Depress 4-speed transmission. It can also be used with a Dellow Conversions bellhousing when converting to a Muncie, Saginaw, Single Rail, Toyota Supra, Top Loader, T5 and Tremec transmissions

Supplied with:
Mounting bolts
4 x 1/4″ UNC
2 x 5/16″ UNC

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