Toyota 2T 5 Speed Split Alloy Case to MGB (MK1) Manual Bellhousing

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This brand new bellhousing is perfect when you want to install a Toyota 2T (20 spline output shaft) 5 Speed transmission to MGB (MK1) with A 3 bearing crank and the Bendix starter motor.

By far the most popular transmission ever to be used in MG conversions, the Toyota T50 was introduced by Dellow Conversions as an upgrade of the obsolete MG gearbox. With synchronised gears, aluminium casing this is a wonderfully versatile 5-speed that has stood the test of time. Offering efficient and economical savings on your fuel bill. Easily accepting up to 180hp, the Toyota T50 is durable, reliable and is THE choice behind mildly worked MG midget Sprite Magnette just to name a few.

A lightweight and slim 5-speed, the Toyota 2T and 3T transmissions are an ideal option where weight and installation space are at a premium. For those reasons it is popular for less demanding applications and is commonly used for Austin Healy, MG and Sunbeam Alpine conversions. Commonly referred to as the ‘Split Case’, due to its longitude aluminium casings, it has 2 gearstick positions that reduce the need for modification, keeping your car in original factory condition. Having a 5-speed overdrive offers maximum performance with silky smooth shifts, allowing owners to enjoy their classic vehicle in traffic as well as on the open road.

NOTE: It is important to specify what gearbox you have before ordering. The 2T has a front bearing which measures 62mm and has 20-splines on the tail-shaft whereas the 3T has a 68mm front bearing with 22-splines on the tail-shaft.