Bellhousing for 3AGE / 4AGE to Toyota R Series 5 Speed Manual

$795.00 incl. GST

Available on backorder


This brand new custom bellhousing allows the installation of a Toyota R Series gearbox to your 3AGE or 4AGE engine with driver or passenger side hydraulic entry.  No spacer is required with this conversion and our bellhousing comes complete with mount plate & pivot ball / locknut to adjust fork position.

Please specify when ordering:

  • Gearbox Type : R150F or R151F or R154
  • Front Shaft Length : 160mm or 190mm
  • Fork Entry : Driver or Passenger side


Other parts available for this conversion:

  • Spigot Bush
  • Thrust Race & Carrier
  • Clutch Fork & Clip
  • Clutch Plate (state O.D size of pressure plate)
  • Speedo Cable
  • Tail Shaft Yoke
  • Universal Joint
  • Slave cylinder
  • Adjustable Push Rod
  • Transmission Rubber Mount

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