Toyota Supra W-Series 5-Speed to Chrysler Valiant Hemi 6 245-265 Manual Bellhousing

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This brand new manual bellhousing is perfect when you want to install the Toyota Supra W series 5 speed to your Chrysler Valiant Hemi 6 245-265 engine.

By far the most popular transmission ever to be used in conversions, the Toyota Supra was introduced by Dellow Conversions as an upgrade of the famed Celica ‘Steel Case’. With synchronised gears, aluminium casings and 5 gearstick positions, this is a wonderfully versatile 5-speed that has stood the test of time. Its range of gear ratios makes it a pleasure to drive while offering efficient and economical savings on your fuel bill. Easily accepting up to 300hp, the Toyota Supra is durable, reliable and is THE choice behind mildly worked Ford, Holden and Lexus V8s to name a few.

Available in mechanical or hydraulic set up.

Suits models: VG – VH – CH – VJ – CJ – VK – CK – CL – CM

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