Bellhousing Kit for Ford V8 Inj. to Landcruiser 80 Series Manual Trans.

  • Bellhousing
  • Spigot Bush
  • Clutch & Pressure Plate Kit (400BHP)
  • Flywheel & Ringear 164 Teeth
  • Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolt Kit
  • Engine Mount Kit (fits your Rubbers)

$2,190.00 incl. GST


Our Dellow Bellhousing kit fits the Ford V8 injected engine to your Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series with a manual transmission.

Conversion Notes:

  1. The kit is made to suit the 164 Teeth Flywheel using the 3 bolt starter on the passenger side
  2. The kit is made to use the oval type 80 series transmission with 10 Bolts, NOT the 4 Bolt 60 series (also available)
  3. A rear type pick-up sump may be required when fitting this engine to clear the front differential
  4. The kit uses your fork and clutch bearing & our Bellhousing has the slave cylinder / fork entry on the passenger side



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