Tremec TKO 500 / TKO-600 5-Speed Slip Yoke

$280.00 incl. GST

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In many cases, converting to a TREMEC TKO Transmission will also warrant minor driveline modifications, such as upgrading to our 31-spline aftermarket slip yoke. Built to OEM standards, they accept 1330-style universal joints and are designed to handle the torque from the mighty Tremec TKO-500 or TKO-600 5-speed manual.

Product description:
Spline – 31
Cup Size – 1 1/8″

Bellhousing Conversion Kit (not included)
The TREMEC TKO-500 & TKO-600 transmission can be coupled to the following make engines using our complete DELLOW CONVERSIONS kit:
– Ford V8
– Holden Commodore V6, Holden V8
– Chev V8
– Chrysler 6, Chrysler V8

Our conversion kits come with:
Bellhousing – Spigot bush – Pivot – Thrust race & carrier – Speedo cable – Dustcover – Tailshaft yoke – Universal joint – Clutch fork – Clutch plate – Pressure plate – Flywheel