• Bellhousing & Pivot Ball
  • Spigot Bush
  • Thrust Race & Carrier
  • Adjustable Push Rod (slave to fork)
  • Clutch Fork & Clip
  • Clutch & Pressure Plate Combination (200BHP)
  • Engine Mount Brackets & Angles (no air-con)
  • Engine Mount Rubbers
  • Flywheel (we fit your ring gear)
  • Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolt Kit

$2,570.00$2,625.00 incl. GST

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New Dellow Conversions kit for the Toyota Hilux fitting the Holden V6 ecotec 3.8L to replace the factory petrol or diesel engine. The V6 is powerful, economical and also offers easy maintenance and peace of mind, knowing replacement parts can be found anywhere.

Conversion Notes:

  1. There were 2 transmissions available in the Hilux range, this is usually signified on the compliance plate as Trans./ Axle. Kit can be made for the G52 / G56 or R150F / R151F transmission which came out with two front shaft lengths, 160mm or 190mm.  Bellhousing is made to suit.
  2. Our engine mounts are not made to suit front IFS (suspension) systems or engines with air conditioning. If your vehicle is IFS you can you use our engine mount rubbers but you must make your own engine mounts. Mount kit suits the early type with no air conditioning.
  3. In the Hilux the slave cylinder can be either driver or passenger side, but the bellhousing is made driver side only. In both cases use your slave cylinder, but your hydraulic line may require modification if moving it to driver side.
  4. If your V6 came out of an Automatic, you will need to send the engine flexplate for attachment to the flywheel.  (PO Box 200, Milperra, NSW 2214).  Caution, V6 flywheels / flexplates have different counter weights depending on the vehicle engine.  Use  of an incorrect counter weighted flywheel may cause engine damage.
  5. Not suitable for 3.6L Alloytec engine.
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: Transmission is to be installed with two Dowell Pins.

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