Bellhousing for Ford V8 BOSS to GM Powerglide Automatic

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Our Dellow Conversions aluminium bellhousing couples the Ford V8 BOSS engine to the GM Powerglide automatic transmission. This gives you the ability to run a much stronger, reliable, tried and proven transmission to your high performance engine.

The Ford GT version of the 5.4 L is a highly specialised version of the Modular engine. It is an all-aluminum, dry-sump 5.4 L 4-valve DOHC features, such as dual fuel injectors per cylinder and oil squirters for the piston skirts, not found in other Ford Modular engines of the time. All of the 5.4 L 4-valve engines destined for use in vehicles, such as the Ford GT and Shelby GT500, have been hand-built by technicians at Ford Plant. The 5.0-litre ‘modular V8′ engine is currently the Ford Performance Vehicles’ V8 engine, released in June 2010. Initially two versions were released, one rated at 315 kilowatts (422 hp) and 545 newton metres (402 lb.ft) of torque and the other at 335 kilowatts (449 hp) and 570 newton metres (420 lb.ft) of torque. Both engines carry the ‘Boss’ moniker, with the 315 kW version dubbed the “Boss 315”, and the more powerful version dubbed the “Boss 335”.


1) This bellhousing is made to suit the flat side mount starter motor on the Australian passenger side only, not the regular nose type starter. The starter motor that comes with the engine is used with this conversion.

2) This requires modifications to your torque convertor.

3) We also make a Bellhousing for the Ford V8 Boss engine to GM 4L60E (with a removable bellhousing) and T400 (with modification).

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